Walter Benjamin

I recently attended a lecture by Ben Parry- founder of the International Peripatetic Sculptors Society (IPSS) During the talk Ben mentioned the research of Walter Benjamin and the Flauneur and its subject of walking as a methodology which was relevant to his own practice. I can closely relate this methodology to Pilgrimage, especially of a secular variety as it is the act of taking meaning from a journey and your surroundings. I found this quote about the work of Flauner:

“The Flaneurs methods and the meaning of his activities were bound together, one with the other. Indeed Christopher Butler suggests the Flauneur is trying to achieve a form of transcendence.”

Seal, B (2016) Psychogeographic Review. Available at:  (Accessed 29/12/2016)

I think this idea of transcendence through walking gives another interpretation of secular pilgrimage and the notion of meaning in a journey that is has no religious connotations. From an Ethnographic perspective it is highlighting the human ambition for transcendence.



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